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Skyler Chissell Premieres 'I Just Wanna Dance' Music Video on JJJ - Watch Now!

We’re so excited to premiere Skyler Chissell‘s new video for “I Just Wanna Dance”!

“‘I Just Wanna Dance’ is about girls just wanting to have fun and be themselves, they don’t need money or a boyfriend or to look any particular way to please others, but simply about good friends and a sleep over with pizza and a copy of their favorite magazine,” the 16-year-old singer dished to JJJ about the song.

Skyler added, “It’s a fun upbeat song that all teenagers can relate to, the importance of friends and just being yourself. In fact all the girls and the boy in this video are close friends of mine, we didn’t hire any actors and I think it shows in the great video!”

Watch below!

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